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Ray McKenzie,
Director of Missions

It is a tremendous privilege to have the opportunity to serve alongside the 44 Southern Baptist Churches and three Hispanic Missions that make up the Elmore Baptist Association. It is my prayer that God will use all of us to be encouragers and equippers of each other so that we will engage people in our neighborhoods and the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Carlos Lemus,
Director of Hispanic Ministries

I Graduated from the Guatemala Baptist Seminary. I am married to Zuly Lemus, and have two children, Carlos 26 and Anna 18.

I am a Church planter and Disaster Relief Chaplin, and served for 13 years of Ministry in Alabama. I am the Founder and former President of the Alabama Baptist Hispanic Fellowship. I am a professor at the Hispanic Baptist Bible Institute in Birmingham, and the

Mission’s coordinator to Guatemala with more than 35 trips. I am Guatemalan by birth, American by choice and Christian by Grace.

Barbara Kay Edwards,
EBA Ministry Assistant

I am thankful and honored for the opportunity to serve alongside the leadership and Lay People of the Elmore Baptist Association. My prayer is that we serve those in need, strengthen biblical fellowship and make disciples as we go.

EBA Leadership

EBA 2019-2020

Officers and Committees

Moderator - Gary Merkel

Vice Moderator - Tim Thompson

Clerk - Sue Ellen Tucker 

Treasurer - Mike Ingram

Vice Treasurer -David Jones

Deacon Coordinator - Rev. Anthony Rhodes 

Pastoral Ministries - Tim Thompson

ACP Contact Person - Barbara Kay Edwards 

Bible Drill Director- Phillip Taunton 

WMU Director - Marcia Collier

MIPS Director - Emily Philipi

Women's Ministry Director - Barbara Kay Edwards


Sue Ellen Tucker 

George Smith

Isaac Kervin

Missions Committee

Shane Russel (2017-18)

Anthony Rhodes (2018-2019)

Barry Tice (2018-2019)

Tim Thompson (2018-2019)

Daniel Bridgman (2019-2020)

Stewardship Committee

Mike Ingram - Treasure, Chairman

David Jones

Steve Scarborough

Britt Green

Andrew Schmitt

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